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Rehoming your Doberman

Please understand that due to the influx of dogs needing homes that many rescues and shelters are full. Before you move forward with trying to rehome your dog, please consider the below first: 

  1. Have you reached out to your dog's breeder to let them know you are rehoming your dog? 

  2. Have you taken your dog to work with a professional trainer? Note: a consultation or a single session with a trainer is not going to fix any issues you have with your dog. Check out the trainers we personally have worked with here: 

  3. Has your dog been to the vet recently? Sometimes issues such as behavior, incontinence, etc can be solved by going to the vet to rule certain health problems out or getting prescribed the proper medication. Please take your dog to the vet if you have noticed any sudden changes to their normal routine or behavior.

  4. New parent or feeling overwhelmed with your young kids around your dog? The good news is there are many large-breed dogs peacefully existing in homes with babies and young children! Our favorite resource for new parents and dogs is: - they offer great tips on setting your dog and child up for success. We also recommend reaching out to a personal trainer for in home sessions which you can find on our training link provided on #2. 

The Doberman Rescue Pack is a foster-based rescue that helps dobermans in need ranging from those who have ended up in a shelter to those being re-homed. Each dog goes into foster care so we can help discover the needs of each dog while we find them their new home. 

The form below is required to fill out prior to us taking in any dog. Please keep in mind that the more detailed you are in your form, the better understanding we will have of your dog and their needs for their next home.  


Please reach out to us via email:

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