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Meeting a dog from The Doberman Rescue Pack:  

Our priority is help match the right family to each dog that comes into rescue. After your application is approved and we find that you would make a good fit for a dog that we have available, the next step is to schedule a meet and greet! 


A meet and greet allows you to meet the dog and ask the dog’s foster questions that can help you get to know the dog better. Utilize a meet and greet to observe and ask questions to ensure that the dog would be a good fit in your household, environment and lifestyle. Depending on the dog, there can be up to 2-3 meet and greets prior to taking the dog home to your family. 


Please keep in mind that each dog can meet multiple families in order to make sure we are finding them their perfect match – a meet and greet does NOT guarantee you adopting a dog. We ask that everyone stay open minded during the process and understand our decision if we choose a different family. 


Here are things to keep in mind when planning a meet and greet:


  1. All of the fosters for The Doberman Rescue Pack are volunteers. They live in the Greater Seattle area and will let you know a location to meet up. This can be a neutral area such as a park or at their home/backyard. Please be respectful of their time while coordinating a meet and greet. 

  2. If you have a resident dog at home, please ask the foster if it is possible to bring your dog. Keep in mind, some dogs need slower introductions and the dog you are meeting may prefer to meet just the humans in your household before the furry ones. 

  3.  Ask the foster what the dog is comfortable with when meeting strangers. Some dogs are very social and come right up to you for pets, where some dogs may not be social until they meet you for the second time. Please respect the personal space of the dog by not making sudden movements near/beyond its head and watching their body language to make sure they are comfortable with how you are handling them. 

  4. When setting up the meet and greet, ask the foster if they are food or toy motivated. Come prepared with either (or both) to interact with the dog. See if they’d like to play fetch with you or have them do some tricks for treats (sit, down, etc).

  5. Ask questions like the type of training they know, what they need to work on and what kind of quirks they have. If there have been behavior issues, ask what kind of improvements the foster has been seeing since the dog has been in their care.


After the meet and greet, please sleep on it and let us know if you are interested in meeting the dog again or if you are no longer interested. Our foster will do the same and let us know if they think it is a good fit and worth another meeting. 

Questions about the meet and greet process? Please email us at:

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