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Become a foster

Please fill out our Foster Application linked below if you are interested in fostering for The Doberman Rescue Pack. If you have any questions, please email:





Here are some frequently asked questions about fostering a rescue dog:

  • What’s it’s like to foster a rescue dog?

Fostering a dog coming into rescue gives them a safe place to land while we all learn more about them. Whether a dog is pulled from a shelter or rehomed by a family, that dog’s life is abruptly changed. By fostering, we can help these dogs properly decompress, be vet checked and behavior assessed before we find them their perfect home. But most importantly, these dogs get love, attention and structure while they patiently wait for their new family.

  • What if I fall in love with the dog I'm fostering?

Fosters always have first pick of adopting the dog they have! We ask that you take at least 2-3 weeks with your foster dog prior to making any final decisions. 

  • Do I pay for anything?

The only thing we’d like you to give a foster dog is your compassion and time. The Doberman Rescue Pack provides all necessary items and tools needed for fosters. This includes food, loaner crates, collars and leashes. Any required veterinary visits (checkup, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc) are scheduled and paid by the rescue at our preferred veterinarian unless coordinated differently depending on your location.

  • Where do I need to live to foster for The Doberman Rescue Pack?

We have fosters in many parts of Washington and Oregon. With our network of fosters in different areas, we are able to pull a dog much quicker if it is needed. If you are in Seattle and want to attend our training classes with your TDRP foster dog, we would love for you to join us at no cost to you.

  • How long are dogs in foster for?

Different dogs have different needs coming in, but the average dog in foster is 3 weeks. We work closely with each foster to make sure each dog is on the right path to success, no matter their background.

  • How do meet and greets work with a dog I am fostering? 

We will schedule meet and greets between you and potential candidates for the dog you are fostering. Please read our meet and greet process below.

Attention to those living in apartments/condos/townhomes: When we are placing foster dogs into homes, please understand that we may not have a dog that is suitable for your living enviornment. For example, we will never put a dog that grew up on a rural farm into a city apartment (this is a courtesy to the dog, yourself, and your neighbors). We also get many young surrenders in that are due to noise complaints from neighbors and threats of eviction. Although we greatly appreciate you applying to foster, please understand that we will only place dogs that we know have done fine in an apartment-like setting to ensure that both dog and foster are set up for success. 

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