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Support a Senior 

The Doberman Rescue Pack often takes in senior or special needs dobermans that will remain in hospice or long-term foster care. Doing so comes with many expenses, such as medical bills, therapy appointments and monthly costs for food. Donations are greatly appreciated as we continue to support them. TDRP is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your generous donation is tax deductible.  We also are always looking for long-term senior fosters. If you are interested in becoming a long-term foster for a dog in need, please fill out our foster application . 



Izzy is our 6-year-old girl who found herself in a shelter with Wobbler's disease in July 2022. Set for euthanasia, Izzy seemed like such a soft and sweet girl that we knew there was still a good life for her. Izzy thrives with acupuncture and laser treatment, so it is part of her monthly routine. She is the happiest girl we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. After our one-time cost of roughly $5,000 for her MRI, her monthly expenses are usually $200-$300 which includes food, medication and her therapy visits. 


Zee is an estimated 11-year-old female who was found roaming the streets with another male doberman. We took them both in November 2022, but unfortunately the male she was with was very sick and crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after. It was very apparent that Zee had likely never been inside a house before, and was terrified of humans. It took her roughly 3 months to warm up to her foster. Zee is a very special girl, battling constant GI issues and infections. She is right where she needs to be with a special foster who adores her, and we feel most comfortable allowing her to stay under our care. 



Misty is an 11-year-old female that was taken to an Oregon shelter by animal control alongside 2 other dobermans she was housed with in January 2023. They were quickly tagged for rescue-only due to their medical issues present and kennel stress. Her younger housemate has been adopted, but her and her sister Rosie are both in long-term foster care due to their medical needs. Misty adores her long-term foster family and loves going on Jeep rides!

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